Junior 4NCL

About the League

The J4NCL (Junior Four Nations Chess League) is part of the 4NCL. It meets four times a year, normally on the same weekend as the adult 4NCL league in the Midlands. This is a strong junior chess league, bringing together the strongest junior chess players in the country. From Barnet Knights perspective this is a developmental league, designed to bring players up to the level to play in the adult 4NCL.

Requirements to Play

- You must be a member and attend Barnet Knights chess club. I understand that parents have a busy life transporting their children to various clubs etc., so this requirement is not very strict. To qualify to play you can attend the club as little as once a term (though obviously with minimum attaendance you will miss the top level training that occurs every week at the club)
- The team of 4 must have an average ECF grade above 75. So ideally this is for players graded above 75. However, this rule is flexible, so I am happy for a talented player graded 40 to play, just as long as our average grading is satisfied.

Results for 2015/2016 season

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Results for 2014/2015 season

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Results for 2013/2014 season

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